celobean asked
“How has meditation (Headspace!) had a positive influence on your life? I keep seeing you tweet about it, so have finally got round to getting the Headspace book/ app and it's already helping with my anxiety - so thanks!”

I wish I had the motivation to do it every day, but I’m still having trouble with that. It just helps me a lot with reducing anxiety in general and I love it!

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“Would you be okay with other people doing the Document My Life? I'm going to be starting homeschooling soon, meaning I'll be able to do more fun things and I am entertaining the idea of making videos of them. I just love your idea of summarizing each month up with one video. Fantastic account :) <3”

Yeah, of course! You didn’t know it’s a whole project? You can read everything about it here! :)

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Anonymous asked
“How was/is school?”

It was kind of okay, actually!

In the morning, I was so anxious I almost threw up (sorry about the deets), had a panic attack on my bike (chest pain, couldn’t breathe) but once I got on the train and started doing my meditation (Headspace, great app!), I started feeling a lot more relaxed.

I had two blocks of two hours: first class English, second class Dutch, with a break in the middle. Both went pretty well, we just did some introductions and the teachers explained some things about exams and all that. Then I went to the bookstore and bought a pretty book to make myself feel better.

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Anonymous asked
“Do you have a polaroid camera? if so, which one? I'm thinking about getting one but I'm not too sure what to look for,”

I don’t! I wanted one for a long time but I don’t think I’ll be getting one, to be honest. I already have a bunch of cameras to carry around with me all day (documenting life is bad for your back, I’ve realised), and it’d just get too heavy. I prefer to just use my iPhone, post to Instagram, and use the Printic app to print them out.

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“How important is a morning ritual for you?”

I don’t think I have a ritual… I wish I had the discipline to keep up with a morning routine, but I just never do it. If I had one, it’d look something like this:

  • Put on glasses, check phone
  • Shower and get dressed
  • Open curtains, make bed
  • Do yoga/meditation/stretching
  • Have breakfast
  • Do make-up
  • Look at my planning for the day and get to work

Yeah… Don’t we all wish we were that productive?

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Anonymous asked
“You seem to do so many cool things every month, have you any advice to someone who wants to get out and do things but doesn't really have many friends who are not busy/want to? Also your videos are always my favourite to watch every month :)”

Find new friends! Haha. No, but to be serious: ask them at least a week before, so they can fit it into their “busy schedule”… But if they really don’t want to do stuff like going to museums, crossing things off your bucket list, building blanket forts, and playing board games, then they suck not just as friends, but as people.

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