Daily Challenges 2012 Masterlist

On January 1, 2012 I started posting daily challenges on Twitter. Most challenges are about stepping out of your comfort zone, random acts of kindness, being creative, sharing your passions, and making lists. Since then, I have gotten many requests to make a masterlist. However, I haven’t really saved these past challenges anywhere, which I deeply regret, but I’ll put the challenges I remember here:

February 25: Chase your dreams by setting out a clear path to get where you want to be.
February 26: Set yourself a goal during workout at the gym. Stick to it.
February 27: Write a letter to yourself to open in 365 days.
February 28: Watch a foreign film.
February 29: Sing in the shower.
March 2: Instead of telling someone you love them, show them how much you love them.
March 4: Carve your name on a tree.
March 5: Give yourself a pat on the back for something you achieve today.
March 6: Memorise a favourite poem.
March 7: Go for a run.
March 8: Give a stranger a compliment.
March 9: Get yourself some food that you’ve been craving for a long time.
March 10: Sometimes a person just needs someone to listen. Try to be that person who listens today.
March 11: Let someone else be right today.
March 12: Think about something you feel strongly about and try to understand it from another person’s point of view.
March 13: Pick up a piece of litter and place it in a bin. If we all did that every day, our streets would be much cleaner.
March 14: Learn to say hello in a language you don’t know, and teach someone how to say it in your language.
March 15: For every negative thought today, replace it with a positive, just-as-real alternative.
March 19: Tell someone something you have kept bottled inside for a long time.
March 21: Find out your blood type.
March 22: Do something you used to do when you were a little kid.
March 23: Don’t say anything negative today. Focus on the positive.
March 24: Take some time to watch the sunset or sunrise.
March 25: Make a playlist of your favourite songs.
March 27: Make plans to visit someone who does not live close to you.
March 28: This evening when you get home, try to keep only one light on in your house.
March 29: When you’re passing through doors, look behind you. If there’s someone there, hold the door for them.
March 30: Buy your mum flowers.
March 31: Focus on a single task at a time, without multi-tasking.
April 2: Step out of your comfort zone. Do something you usually never do.
April 3: Help a friend in need.
April 4: Come up with an inspirational statement. Share it with others.
April 5: Make a list of the things you’re looking for in a relationship.
April 6: Get rid of the unused clutter you have lying around.
April 7: Donate some of your old books, DVDs and/or other things to a charity shop.
April 8: Build a blanket fort.
April 9: Write all your bad memories on paper, burn this paper afterwards. Let go.
April 10: Listen to a song you haven’t listened to in a long time.
April 11: Loan or buy someone your favourite book. 
April 12: Make someone laugh today. Tell them your favourite joke or make a ridiculous face.
April 13: Do something your future self will thank you for.
April 15: Say yes to everything today.
April 16: Give everyone you talk to today a sincere compliment.
April 17: Avoid elevators and escalators. Take the stairs instead.
April 18: Change your name for the day.
April 19: Buy a small gift for yourself.
April 20: Study hard for a test you have soon. Try to get the highest grade you can possibly get.
April 22: Write an encouraging & inspiring note. Stick it in a public place.
April 23: Write down at least 10 things you’re grateful for and hang them in your room.
April 24: Say no to any favours you do not want to do.
April 26: Contact an old friend to see how they are.
April 27: Remind your parents you love them. Sometimes we don’t do that enough.
April 28: Work on something you’ve been putting off for a long time. (Don’t procrastinate.)
April 30: Do something impulsive.
May 1: Try to not let little things get to you. You’re going to be okay.
May 2: (Re)organise your bookshelves.
May 3: Find someone who needs a helping hand, and give it to them.
May 4: Practise forgiveness by letting go of a grudge against someone who hurt your feelings.
May 5: Take a walk today and find one object for each letter of the alphabet, from A to Z.
May 6: Spend time with a sibling or cousin.
May 7: Spend 5 minutes thinking about a conflict in your life from the other person’s perspective.
May 8: Put encouraging, anonymous notes in random lockers at school.
May 9: Empty all of your coat pockets today.
May 10: Describe your role model by writing down 5 qualities you admire about this person.
May 11: Eat healthy all day.
May 12: Give a stranger a compliment today.
May 13: Send encouraging, anonymous messages to people on Tumblr.
May 14: Speak ONLY the truth. (Seems pretty basic, but believe me; it’s harder than it sounds.)
May 15: Take 15 minutes today to unplug from technology and enjoy the scenery instead.
May 17: Search for a recipe you like, write it down, and make it.
May 19: Spend a few minutes deleting unnecessary contacts from your phone.
May 20: (Learn to) fold paper cranes.
May 21: Spend 5 minutes writing down any appointments or events you have scheduled for the next week.
May 22: Show sincerity when you ask someone how they’re doing.
May 25: Stop settling for ‘someday’ and set a realistic date for reach a long-time goal instead.
May 26: Write down 5 activities that make you happy.
May 27: Make a list of your favourite words and share it.
May 28: Create a sleep schedule by choosing a specific time to turn in each night.
May 29: Actively listen to someone’s concerns and problems.
May 30: Pick one of your bad habits and plan a way to end it.
May 31: Try, for at least 15 minutes, to focus on one thing at a time. No multitasking.
June 1: Decorate your room with something you made yourself.
June 2: Write down at least 5 things you want your future self to be/have, and what to do to make those wishes come true.
June 3: Learn to cook a new meal.
June 4: Try out a new fruit you haven’t eaten before.
June 5: Learn to say ‘I love you’ in another language.
June 6: If you have a grudge against someone, let it go, The past is the past. Look forward to the future instead.
June 7: Say please and thank you.
June 8: Spend some time looking through old photo albums.
June 9: Start a new tradition.
June 10: Sit outside for at least ten minutes.
June 11: Loan or buy someone your favourite book.
June 13: Try to stay strong today. You’ll be okay.
June 16: Take a warm bath, listen to relaxing music, and just think.
June 17: Do something fun with your dad today. (Father’s Day Special)
June 20: Choose an object that you find beautiful and spend 2 minutes looking at its imperfections. 
June 21: Ride your bike (or walk) through your neighbourhood and notice the smells, sounds, and sights around you.
June 22: Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and start your day with focused, positive energy. 
June 23: Go somewhere nice for dinner.
June 25: Take a warm bath or shower 1 hour before bedtime.
June 26: Dance in your bedroom to your favourite upbeat song.
June 27: Do something creative today.
June 28: Take a cold shower. Appreciate it anyway, and remember that not everyone has access to a hot, long shower.
June 29: Cheer on someone who accomplished something, big or small.
July 1: Write and/or draw with chalk on pavement in town. Make someone happy with your message.
July 2: Climb a tree. Enjoy the view.
July 3: Call or text a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while.
July 4: Attempt something you thought you couldn’t do. 
July 5: Completely clean your room.
July 6: Smile at as many people as you can.
August 14: Get something you have been struggling with for a while off your chest. Talk to someone you trust. 
August 15: Write and send a letter or postcard to someone you care about.
August 16: Don’t break any laws, no matter how insignificant. (This includes downloading music, people.)
October 17: Be productive today. 

What people are saying:

Older challenges (Date not known)
- Tell absolutely zero lies today.
- Attempt something you failed at before.
- Drink only water today.
- Write down six great things about yourself.
- Clean your workspace and bedroom.
- Find a picture of you as a child. Show it to your friends.
- Try to notice the smallest of things around you today. Appreciate them.
- Learn something new today.
- Pick a random date in the future and plan a fun activity for that day. Stick to it.
- Exercise your mind with a puzzle or riddle.
- Clean up your computer today. Delete files you never use or look at.
- Share your food with someone you love.
- Talk to someone about something you are very passionate about.
- Go to bed early.
- Open the dictionary and choose a word. Memorise the definition.
- Feed the birds in your yard or the ducks in the park.
- Take some time to reflect on your past and how you have changed since then.
- Do someone a favour.
- Find at least one positive in everything that seems negative today.
- Do some creative writing today. Dare to suck, it will probably not be amazing.
- Make a list of things you’re going to do to improve yourself in any way.