Things To Do In 2013

Here are some creative and fun things to do in the new year:

1. Participate in Document Your Life.
As most of you know, I started this project as a way to look back at my life in months or years time, and be able to remember what it was like then. Honestly, if I were to make a list about pros and cons about participating in Document Your Life, there would be no cons. It makes you see the seemingly insignificant but still so beautiful things, do stuff outside of your comfort zone (if you challenge yourself, that is), be more creative, and do things instead of wasting your time scrolling through your Tumblr dashboard (which is also fun). More information can be found here.


2. Keep a memory jar.
This is not my idea, (unfortunately, because it’s brilliant) but it is a great one. Starting on New Year’s Day, you write down every single memory that seems important enough to look back on in a year (good or bad), on little scraps of paper. (Don’t forget to write the date on it too!) It’s also fun to put movie and train tickets in there. You can choose to decorate your jar or keep it simple. You can fold up the paper, or roll it. Anything! Then, next New Year’s Eve, read through your memory notes and relive the year.


3. Do a book/movie challenge.
You can keep track of your book challenge on Goodreads, which hosts a reading challenge every year. In 2011, I read 45 books, and in 2012 over a hundred. I don’t know any good sites that make it easier to track your movie challenge, but you can use any of these movie Tumblr themes, it just takes a bit more work! You can also use listography or a journal to keep a list of your movies, or make a page on your Tumblr.


4. Do my daily Twitter challenges.
If you have been following me on Twitter for a while, you might remember me tweeting daily challenges for everyone to do (if they wanted to, of course). I admit that I neglected this a little bit as the year progressed, but I’m making it one of my new year’s resolutions to keep posting one every day, and write weekly blog posts in which I list the challenges and maybe include some photos and text of how I did them, depends on how busy I am. Anyway, the challenges are usually about doing stuff that scares you, being creative even if you’re not, and reaching your goals. Here is a list of most of the challenges posted in 2012!

A photo I took after completing one of my challenges in 2012 (Buy yourself flowers).

5. Join the Day Zero Project.
You might have read a little bit about this website in my Favourite Websites & Blogs posts, but I’m not going to stop talking about it until everyone joins. It’s an amazing website full of goals you can achieve throughout the 1001 days of the project. You can start at any time, and the project automatically stops 1001 days after. You can think of your own goals, or choose from the many lists the site has provided for its users. You can find my profile here


Lastly, a tip for reaching your ultimate productivity level in 2013: a Don’t Break The Chain calendar designed by Karen Kavett. Here’s the blog post, which also includes a download link for the calendar! 

All photos were taken by me, using the Instagram app.


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