“Would you be okay with other people doing the Document My Life? I'm going to be starting homeschooling soon, meaning I'll be able to do more fun things and I am entertaining the idea of making videos of them. I just love your idea of summarizing each month up with one video. Fantastic account :) <3”

Yeah, of course! You didn’t know it’s a whole project? You can read everything about it here! :)

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Video: Document Your Life: August 2014

August wasn’t the best month, to be completely honest. I was very stressed and unfortunately didn’t get to do all the stereotypically ‘Summer things’ I had planned to do this year. I just want to get this video over with and focus on September. Hope you don’t mind too much.

Some annotations you may be interested in:

0:06 That’s my new YouTube friend Robbert. You can find his channel at youtube.com/iameverybobby. He makes videos about Amsterdam! We try to motivate each other to upload more frequently and he’s going to help me with my vlogging.

0:30 I went to see Boyhood at an indie movie theater this month. I really liked this part because it reminded me of me and my brother on road trips to France and describes a sibling relationship so well.

0:54 This was probably the most stressful train ride of my life. My dad had just called me that he was in the hospital and no one was really sure what was going on with him, so I was really worried about him. Turns out he had a… Wait, let me Google Translate this. Okay, a cerebral infarction. Anyway, he’s doing well now. The whole thing just made me very stressed throughout the entire month.

1:21 This is a new thing they have at Amsterdam central station. If you plug in your phone and start cycling, it charges!

“Hi! First off, I love love LOVE DYL. It's helped me a lot and kept me making videos. I am constantly watching yours and wishing mine could be more like yours, What kind of camera and editing software and such do you use? Also, do you have any tips for making longer videos, but with variating content- not just fillers and stuff. THANKS AND HAPPY TUESDAY <3”

Hello! All this basic information is on my FAQ page, Tip for making longer videos w/ no fillers: do more fun stuff!

hr30mp asked
“How has DYL changed your view of the world and helped with your mental health issues? I love your videos btw”

I’d like to go as far as saying that it saved my life. I think the quote “Breakdowns can create breakthroughs,” is kind of perfect for this. I don’t even want to think about where I’d be right now if I’d never started Document Your Life… Probably in bed, beating the world record of most movies watched in a lifetime, or something.

Thank you!

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